Mentee Application

What are you doing with your brilliant ideas for building or enhancing your IT or cybersecurity programs? 

Dead in your tracks because of lack of funding?  That’s where we at FORCCE-ATE can help!  Participating in our highly successful workshop will teach you how to package your idea(s) and ready them for submission to the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technology Education (ATE) program for funding – for only an investment of your time. 

“When my department received our first ATE grant, it transformed not only what we and our programs were able to accomplish, but it also had a massive effect on the college.”

Dr. Barbara Huffman de Belón

FORCCE-ATE is now recruiting for the Spring 2022 class cohort.  To be considered, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A team, made up of two faculty members and one grant writer or college administrator that will participate in the mentoring and summer workshop
  • A letter of support from your Dean, VP, or college president, committing the school’s support to your team’s involvement
  • An idea of what your team would like to focus on within the grant development

What we provide:

  • A mentor-coach for each college team
  • Stipends for participants that complete the program
  • An additional stipend when your grant is filed next September
  • Post-award support for newly awarded colleges.

What you’ll learn:   

  • How to craft a compelling grant application for any funding body 
  • How to successfully write and file an NSF ATE grant application
  • What elements are crucial to all grants
  • What content is a potential “grant-killer”

Questions?  Contact Principal Investigator, Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Hawthorne at  or fill out the contact us form.

Launch your IT/Cyber program to new heights by taking advantage of this opportunity!

Application Deadline:  April 15, 2022.